Just like you aren’t the same person you were a year ago, your art is never the same as it was before: it’s an ever-evolving experience. One year ago, where were you on that oil canvas or that musical score that’s been lingering in your notes? Today could be an anniversary of one of all your menagerie of works. And that piece could now be your most cherished.

Become an inspiration for yourself.

An art journal helps you to take a look at your own creative self in a new light.

What will tomorrow hold?

Who is the you that makes the art? Is that hand the same hand that drew that sketch in your pad a year ago? Maybe that circle you drew before holds a different kind of meaning. Or that photo now holds a depth that you could never have imagined when you first snapped it.

Each day is a stroke in the painting of your life.

Each tick and tock colors the experience of existence.

Each thread in the tapestry makes a difference.