Leanna Lofte I love to blog and journal, but it’s often times a bit of a chore to actually do because I feel obligated to put in at least a little bit of effort. With little memory, all I need to do is enter a sentence or two about something I want to remember about my day (good or bad) and I’m done! Leanna Lofte, iMore

James Tamplin Very clean and intuitive design. I’ve been using this for 8 months and it never ceases to make me smile everytime an old memory pops up. I use 4 web services everyday: Email, Facebook, Twitter & Little Memory. James Tamplin, CEO, Firebase

Dan Walsh Really great app. Good idea. Good implementation. Made me more in tune to the passage of time and gives me a quick reason to reflect on my day, everyday. Dan Walsh, Tangents & Distractions

A telegraph-style of journal. Evocative. Marilyn Wylder, artist, Libraesque

Thanks for taking the initiative to do things like this. They say ‘If not you then who?’, and you have made it you. Sophia Pearson

Jacqueline Chang It reminds me of things that make me happy, and also of things that don’t make me so happy(don’t repeat mistakes). It also allows you to upload pictures into it, so I can finally do something with all these cat pictures I take! Ahem. The app is super user friendly. Double points for the clean and simple design. Jacqueline Chang, 42Floors

This app has been a great way to keep up my daily journaling. I’ve been writing for almost 6 months, so everyday I get reminded of “old” mindsets 6, 3, 1 month(s) back, etc. I feel like now I have a place to honor the special moments while also reminding myself that everyday is possible. Kashon R.

Tim Walsh Its clean and simple interface are a breath of fresh air compared to most apps and the gentle reminders (of which you can customize by time of day so it works with your schedule) to say something about your day are very useful and unobtrusive. Without even realizing it little memory has given me a better sense of awareness of the passage of time and the things I have accomplished. Tim Walsh, Product Developer

Really growing on me over time! Love to write a sentence or two about my day, whether I’m home in bed, on the bus, at work, whenever the mood strikes :) teatoeceratops, App Store Review

Karl Dotter Little words are powerful. Hands down, the most meaningful app on my iPhone. Karl Dotter, UX Designer, Goodreads

Daily chronicling makes me more aware of how positive my day was and who, or what, is still on my mind at the end of the day. Highly recommended! ★★★★★ Anthoknees

Jason Hreha Amazing. Twitter meets a daily journal. Fantastic. Jason Hreha, UX Design, Founder, Dopamine

If you’re like me, every January 1st, I make the resolution to keep a daily record of my life, good days and bad, so I (and my children) can look back over my life and laugh and cry as we look back over the years. The longest THAT resolution ever lasted was about a week!! Who has time to sit and hand write all that information you want to remember? This app is priceless for doing just that in a fraction of the time and with photos, too, to bring those days-gone-by back as vividly as possible!! By far, my top 3 favorite apps on my iPhone and iPad!! iTunes App Store Review

Especially good for musicians! Boozician

Miguel Angel Mendoza Murillo Esta genial, ya quería una aplicación así de simple y practica, pero aun así significativa. Miguel Angel Mendoza Murillo, Student

Oscar Wilde said that our memories are the diaries we carry around with us. I love Oscar, but the diary I carry around with me is the Little Memory. Komalley

Jamie Wu A daily time capsule, simple and elegant, a true pleasure to use and remember life’s little memories. Jamie Wu, Apple iTunes Store Engineer