Little Memory is a micro-journal that reminds you of memories from 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or X years ago. It’s a fun, simple, and unique way of keeping a journal.

It’s been around since November 2011 and over 30,000 Little Memory users have saved over 1,000,000 memories.

Why Little Memory?

Here are 16 great reasons to use little memory:

  1. Little Memory is incredibly simple and makes it easy, rewarding, and fun to keep a journal.
  2. You can look back on where you were X years ago, reflect, and understand your self and your life more clearly.
  3. You can write just one sentence everyday without being overwhelmed and without needing to write a long memoir every day.
  4. You can simply hit reply to the nightly email reminder and write an email to save a memory for the day.
  5. You can add a photo to your memories.
  6. You can see your current and longest streaks to keep you motivated to write consistently.
  7. You can see your most used words over time.
  8. Little Memory performs a sentiment analysis on your memories so you can track your emotions and see how they’ve changed over time.
  9. You can search through all of your memories.
  10. You can export your data at any time.
  11. You can use the highly acclaimed iOS app to read and write your memories wherever you are.
  12. You can have automated nightly backups of your data to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  13. Little Memory caters to people who value privacy. Your memories are always private by default.
  14. There’s no requirement to login to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites to use Little Memory.
  15. You get support straight from the developer via email.
  16. Little Memory has a sustainable business model to ensure its continued operation for years to come.