the little memory: premium


your memories: better than ever

unlimited photos
never miss a single day

take a picture of yourself every day. or of your kid. or of your cat. reminisce. swoon. basque in beautiful nostalgia.

extended mirror insights
reflect and look way way way back

get even deeper with graphs showing your most used words and detected emotions. you'll notice how you've changed over the months. you might just surprise yourself.

sms text reminders
whenever and wherever

don't like apps? all those push notifications getting you in a tizzy? sms text reminders get your memories to you no matter where you are. standard text message rates apply. available for US numbers.

custom prompts web/email only
personalize your experience

need a little reminder to remember to write about that special someone? wanna stay focused on an art project with some help from little memory? custom prompts are here to save the day!

rss feeds
satiate your reader's hunger

get your memories in an updated feed that you can use with any RSS reader or any service that takes RSS feeds, like IFTTT. </geekspeak>

Dropbox backups
secure your data on your terms

automatic nightly backups of your memories synced to any computer. stop worrying about sending archives to yourself. your memories will always be with you.

ready to go premium?

your life: beautifully preserved and cherished with little memory. subscribe now and upgrade your experience.