Frank Health Insurance, Australia’s leading not for profit online health fund which has been providing members with simple, easy to understand health insurance since 2009, has put together a list of five apps to help manage your mental health:

Most Australians with depression and anxiety do not receive treatment due to reasons such as cost, proximity and stigma. The presence of e-mental health programs (such as apps, online diagnostic and information sites) provide a new online avenue for people to overcome any accessibility barriers.

Private, customisable and simple to use, here are our favourite five tested and true mental health apps.

They’ve also recognized Little Memory as one of their favorite apps for journaling for mental health.

Keeping a diary feels reminiscent of a more adolescent time. But journaling for mental health has become widely recognised as a healthy outlet for people to document their thoughts and feelings. The University of Rochester Medical Center describes journaling as a helpful tool to manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression.

Life can sometimes be very overwhelming, with little to no time for self-reflection or ‘me-time’. The Little Memory app is private, personal and meaningful; giving you daily reminders to pop in a memory or feeling or photo from the day that was. The best thing about it is that it encourages you to keep the entries short so that journaling feels less like a chore, and more like a practice.

It’s an honor to be on this list, and I’m so happy to see more people getting access to resources to help them in their journey of self-growth and through life’s ups and downs.

Thanks, Frank!