Writing one sentence every day is a simple and easy way to journal and help you remember the little things in your life. What can be even more powerful is when you also save a photo memory.

As cliché as it sounds: a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Save a photo memory of yourself every day #

To be able to have photo memories, you need to first create them and save them. One of the simplest things you can do is take a photo of yourself every day. This technique was made most famous by Noah Kalina’s project: Everyday.

It takes so little time to capture photo memories with your phone, and it’s simple to save them right from Little Memory.

Look back and reflect on old photo memories #

When looking back, you get the chance to reflect on what’s changed or hasn’t changed since you saved the photo memory. Your photo now has new meaning, and that meaning may even change a year later when you revisit it again. What’s amazing about this is that even though the photo memory never changed, you’ve changed–and your perspective has changed based on experiences in your life since then.

You’re different: you’ve grown.

When looking back at old memories, the nostalgia that you experience is a mixed bag. On the one hand, you feel a sense of excitement as you rediscover a part of your past: a moment that was a part of your life where you feel connected between the you of today and the you of a past life. On the other hand, you feel the pang of longing for a past where you feel you were more young and innocent.

In my opinion, this is a meaningful experience. When I think of someone important that I’ve lost, the pain I feel is necessary because otherwise the relationship I had would have meant nothing: it hurts because it means something to me, and that’s worthwhile. Similarly, when you reflect on old photo memories, you may feel the pain of nostalgia come upon you. This bittersweet experience adds color to these memories, and it means that you’re given the opportunity to reflect on your growth since that time.

Someday, today will be another memory for you to reflect back on.