Jarvis from the Sad Boyz Podcast mentioned Little Memory on the Dating episode:

It’s a little micro-journaling app Every day at 9pm it’s like, “Hey, tell me about your day,” and then you’ll write a tweet’s length of stuff about your day and it’s a little therapeutic in that moment but then it will remind you in 90 days, 3 months from then or a year from then and it really helps me put into perspective the cycles of my mental state because I can be, “Wow, 3 months ago I was going through it,” or I was really deep in my own thoughts and feelings and wasn’t able to take a step back and look at things broadly and have perspective and it really helps contextualize a lot of the things.

I love hearing stories like Jarvis’ and learning how much Little Memory has been able to give people perspective on their lives over the years. Blushes

Thanks so much for the shout out!