Blank page journal

The blank page in an empty journal can be an intimidating sight to see. Where do you start? What if you make a mistake? You end up staring at the page, not knowing what to do. You feel stuck and blocked and uncomfortable with this whole journaling thing.

Here are some tips to help you out if you’re feeling overwhelmed and could use a little guidance on how to start journaling when you’re staring at that blank page.

Start from where you are in the moment #

You’re stuck. So this is your true experience at the moment of writing. So try this out, and write this in your journal:

I’m stuck.

Indeed. You are, and that’s OK. It’s honest and it’s true. Don’t feel that’s enough? Follow it up with:

I’m stuck and feel like I need to write more.

You’re doing great, and you’re journaling what’s happening to you in the moment. What’s next? Notice what’s next that comes to your mind. Write it down. If it’s hard, jot down that you’re having a hard time doing it. If you start thinking about what comes to mind and you end up thinking of chicken nuggets, well:

I’m stuck and feel like I need to write more. I really like chicken tendie nuggets.

Fantastic. Well done!

What do you want to remember about today? #

You woke up. You (hopefully) ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You took a shower–or maybe you didn’t.

These are the little things in your life, and it’s these moments that make up your day to day. Sure, maybe you didn’t go skydiving, pet a panda, or take Instagram photos in a candy museum. You still have plenty to cherish in your life every day.

Maybe you had a good cup of coffee. Maybe you got to look up and see the white fluffy clouds floating in the blue sky. Heck, you have a body that has a heart that beats: isn’t that amazing!?

Write just one sentence #

Your journal doesn’t need to be full of essays or long diatribes about your philosophy on life. Well, you’re always welcome to do so: it’s your journal after all.

But your journal doesn’t have to be full of long form writing. It can be short. It can be little.

Do this: Write just one sentence.

That’s it.

You don’t have to be long winded. You don’t have to be Shakespeare.

You just have to write one sentence, and you’re done for your journal for the day.

You’ll feel better that you accomplished writing for the day. And you’ll have given yourself a memory for your future self to look back on to remember the rest of the day from.