Thanks to little memory user Angelica for some love in the latest Uncommon in Common dispatch where they asked the community, “Do you have a favorite way to peruse the past?”:

One of my favorite ways to peruse the past is through an app called the little memory. The little memory is a place for recording short daily memories. The app prompts you to “tell your future self” about a little joke or time spent with friends in less than 300 characters, and when you finish, a notification slides down: “one more memory, one more future anniversary.” As you compile memories, you’ll begin to see past memories appear “exactly one month ago” or “exactly 6 months ago.” What was mundane at the time is now a milestone, a special glimpse into the past. I often can’t believe the passage of time, thinking, “was that only 3 months ago?” or “wow, it’s already been a year?” In any case, I always feel a little thrill to see what I wrote in the past contained in a mini, daily time capsule.