On September 21st, my support inbox was abuzz with requests from folks asking for a way to import OhLife entries into little memory. At the time, I was yet unaware that OhLife had just announced they were shutting down. OhLife Shutdown: Alternatives and Replacements

I was just about to board an overseas 5 hour flight (with no Internet!), and I’d been scrambling to get fixes ready for the iOS 8 update for the iPhone app. Welp, t’was time to roll up my sleeves and get some code written and help out these OhLife orphans eager for lilmem adoption.

Enter the little memory OhLife Importer

You’re now able to take your OhLife export and import it into little memory: http://lilmem.com/import.

For some help on guiding you through your transition from OhLife to little memory, please check out my Moving from OhLife to little memory guide.

More Tools, Alternatives, and Replacements

A few other brainy folks have been quick to build tools to help users transition out of OhLife:

Talk Around Town

To get more information and updates on the latest and greatest:

Hope this helps all ye OhLife orphans. little memory’s here for you if you’re looking to be adopted.