Hi Lil’memmers,

Exactly 2 years ago, I was out camping with loved ones, sharing stories around a camp fire.

It feels like forever ago since then, especially since the start of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Many of you may be feeling isolated and lonely right now. When looking at World Public Memories, I see anger, fear, and sadness. I also see hope, love, and compassion. One Lil’memmer gave us all a wise reminder that all of our feelings are valid, even the painful feelings. Thank you.

Since I started Little Memory, you’ve emailed me about bug reports, feature requests, and words of encouragement. You all are the reason I continue its development so it can help in each of our journeys of personal growth and self understanding. You inspire me, and seeing your range of emotions makes me feel connected to all of you. Thank you.

Little Memory’s always been about doing one little thing each day and seeing what massive meaning that little thing holds for the future.

Here’s one little thing from me to you.

I hope you can give yourself the opportunity to take a breath and find gratitude in seeing the sky above us, smelling that hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, and feeling the wind against your skin. I hope you find lightness and humor in each day. I hope you enjoy every sandwich.

I love hearing from you all, so please: send me an email and let me hear from you, even just to say hi.

Thank you, Ivan