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3 days ago
Rope lab tonight! Just what I need!!
10 days ago
today ava told me, “your writing reminds me of a hozier song.” i can’t imagine a better compliment. it’s sitting in my heart now, bright and awake
11 days ago
we all be growing and there’s gonna be awkward shifts as we rearrange ourselves within each other

seems like they felt kind of...

  • self-expressive
  • sad
  • affectionate
15 days ago
oh my soul cries out from the depths of myself. the cry of an animal. the painful howl of the dying dog. this life I’m living is not mine—it’s not for me. I have fallen back into the old habit of living someone else’s life. I have forgotten to be my own best advocate. I have forgotten that ultimately it is my decision. and I cannot get it wrong. abba, the maker and lover of my soul, help me

seems like they felt kind of...

  • anxious
  • happy
  • affectionate
16 days ago
lil strippers w flesh hoodies on and platform boots / every time Jared sees one he goes “hiiiiiiiii” & he even demonstrated how they look really shy w their hands in their pockets/back/belly, physically exemplified this to Stephen’s sheer joy (I could almost see him fall in love in real time) “I frew up” Catherine conjectures